Partners and collaborators

Universities of Sheffield


Building on language-related projects carried out at the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds, we aim to develop a corpus-based approach to teaching postgraduate students reading skills in Russian for subject-specific domains. Many of these students have not received any formal linguistic training and they need to learn Russian. The project has four primary aims:

1. to develop corpus-based tools to allow users to upload and annotate texts of direct relevance to their research and extract from them frequency lists of single- and multi-word terms;

2. to produce an online repository of readers in several areas of research that include words and phrases from our frequency lists and are set to prepare students for reading authentic articles in their area of research;

3. to produce a frequency-based grammar booklet for PG students based on the frequency of grammatical forms in a corpus of academic articles compiled at Leeds;

4. to test a corpus-based, vocabulary-oriented pedagogical approach on PG students with no previous knowledge of Russian