Leeds Dante Podcast

Dante podcast

The Centre for Dante Studies runs a podcast, which can be subscribed to freely from anywhere in the world. The podcast is designed both to enrich undergraduates' study of Dante, and to be of interest to a broader audience.

The Leeds Dante podcast offers regular short items on three major areas:

  • Key Moments in the Commedia: a series of brief commentaries on short passages selected from the Commedia;

  • Interviews with scholars about their recent work on Dante;

  • Reviews of recent publications of interest in Dante studies.

Individual talks and lectures held in Leeds are also made available for download.

The podcast is available in MP3 format, and is freely available to listen to on your PC or portable device. You can also subscribe using iTunes.

Alternatively, individual episodes can be downloaded directly from here:

1. Introduction
2. Key Moments in the Commedia I: Inferno I, 1-3
3. Key Moments in the Commedia 2: Purgatorio I, 70-75
4. Key Moments in the Commedia 3: Inferno III, 1-9
5. Key Moments in the Commedia 4: Purgatorio IV, 19-30
6. Fifth International Dante Seminar
7. Key Moments in the Commedia 5: Purgatorio V, 94-108
8. Key Moments in the Commedia 6: Inferno V, 121-38
9. Virgil in the Middle Ages & Quotations mentioned in "Virgil in the Middle Age" (PDF file to accompany item 9)
10. Key Moments in the Commedia 7: Paradiso XV, 25-30
11. Key Moments in the Commedia 8: Purgatorio XXIII, 70-75
12. Dante's Religious Thought 1: Trinity
13. Dante's Religious Thought 2: Incarnation
14. Dante's Religious Thought 3: Form and Matter
15. Dante's Religious Thought 4: Original Sin
16. Dante's Religious Thought 5: Sacraments
17. Key Moments in the Commedia 9: Inferno IX
18. Conversations on Dante 1: George Corbett and Patricia Kelly (University of St Andrews)  on Mandonnet’s Dante the Theologian
19. Conversations on Dante 2: Jacob Blakesley (University of Leeds) on translation, Wikipedia and Dante
20. Conversations on Dante 3: Ed Krcma (University of East Anglia) on Robert Rauschenberg and the Inferno
21. Conversations on Dante 4: Catherine Keen (University College London) on Bruno Latour, Brunetto Latini and Dante
22. Conversations on Dante 5: Tasia Scrutton and Simon Hewitt (University of Leeds) on grief theory, CS Lewis and Dante

We are grateful to Richard Barraclough for providing the music for this podcast.