We nurture a long-standing tradition of developing research in collaboration with academic and industrial partners to fill gaps in knowledge or to find solutions to problems faced by practicing translators, subtitlers and interpreters. Past collaborative projects with private and public sector partners have yielded benefits in a number of sectors, improving commercial performance, enhancing professional practice and creating innovative pedagogical resources. 

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 recognised 79% of the overall research activity submitted across the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies as either ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

Academic team

  • Elisabetta Adami, UAF in Multimodal Communication
  • Bogdan Babych, Associate Professor in Translation Studies
  • Jacob Blakesley, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
  • Svetlana Carsten, Project Task Leader, Project ORCIT (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training)
  • Dragos Ciobanu, Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Hanem El-Farahaty, Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Jeremy Munday, Professor of Translation Studies
  • Sara Ramos Pinto, Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Alina Secară, Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Serge Sharoff, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Martin Thomas, Lecturer in Translation Studies
  • Binhua Wang, Associate professor in Interpreting and Translation Studies

PhD researchers

CTS has a very active student research community. Currently we supervise the following PhD researchers:

  • Abeer Alfaify 
  • Abdullah Alotaibi 
  • Aishah Mubaraki
  • Alex McDonald
  • Amira Abdalla 
  • Anna Bernacka
  • Chun Liu 
  • David Yu Yuan
  • Elizaveta Vasserman
  • Fei Gao
  • Francesca del Zoppo 
  • James Garza
  • Mai Alhussaini 
  • Meihua Song 
  • Mika Takewa 
  • Narongdej Phanthaphoommee 
  • Noha Alharbi 
  • Rebecca Iszatt 
  • Salman Riaz
  • Saussan Khalil 
  • Siobhan Rocks
  • Sophiko Daraselia 
  • Tenglong Wan
  • Xiaoli Wang 
  • Xiang Li
  • Xingcheng Ma
  • Yu Yuan 
  • Yuan Ping 
  • Zafer Tuhaitah
  • Zien Guo

Research Projects 

CTS maintains an extremely active research agenda and has an excellent track record in funded projects in different areas. We also have an impressive portfolio of research projects developed in collaboration with public and private sector partners. 

Availability of our computational tools

Many of the computational tools we develop are available online (often in open-source), which enables further investigation in the research community. Examples include:

CSAR and Intellitext

Russian morphosyntactic annotation and syntactic parsing

Chinese tagging and annotation

Corpus processing tools, including automatic domain and genre classification

NNI and ORCIT websites both include free online materials