Unit B6 - Revisiting the case studies

Consider once again the case studies we discussed in Unit A1. This time, you should be in a good position to analyse them using the tools and techniques we have developed during the course. You might find it interesting and satisfying to compare your analysis now with the ideas you noted in Unit 1, before you began the course.

Case Study 1: Duccio, Ruccellai Madonna (Web Gallery of Art)
Case Study 2: Titian, Pieta (Web Gallery of Art)
Case Study 3: Vincent van Gogh, Bedroom at Arles (ABC Gallery)
Case Study 4: Jackson Pollock, Summertime Number 9A (Tate Modern)

Well done on reaching the end of the course! I hope you've find it useful and enjoyable. If you have any comments, please contact me.


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