Our project

LivItaly is coordinated by the section of Italian at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with international partners including universities, cultural institutions, and private associates. 

We build on previous literary and theatrical events held in Leeds, such as the successful series of encounters with Italian writers (Italian Writers in Leeds and Italian Writers in the UK and Ireland), and the staging of Mistero buffo, masterpiece by the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo. 

The events are either in English or in Italian with an English interpreter. Students of Italian and students of the Centre for Translation Studies at Leeds often help with interpreting and translation.


Meet the team

Meet the LivItaly team and read more about our research interests and activities. 

LivItaly project was born in the vibrant research community of the Italian unit, the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Leeds. Responsible for planning, managing and organising the project are the members of the LivItaly Team.

Gigliola Sulis, Lecturer and Director of Italian at Leeds, is general director of the project and main coordinator. g.sulis@leeds.ac.uk

Alice Franzon, PhD student in Italian, is the LivItaly PGR Intern and is responsible for events organisation, communication and web content management.

Silvia Bergamini, PhD student in Italian. s.bergamini@leeds.ac.uk

Simone Lomartire, PhD student in English at the University of Leeds and Part-time Italian Lecturer at the Leeds Metropolitan University, is responsible for students engagement. s.lomartire@leeds.ac.uk

Pier Simone Pischedda, PG Research Student and Teaching Assistant in Translation studies, is responsible for students engagement. p.s.pischedda@leeds.ac.uk

Ilaria Puggioni, Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian, was responsible for social media editor. 2012-13

Many members of staff (see their profile here), research students, and undergraduate students of Italian at Leeds contribute on a regular basis to its success.  

Collaboration with other partners outside the University is acknowledged in the pages dedicated to individual events.