Asia Pacific Studies

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Encompassing the countries of Northeast and Southeast Asia,  and home to the second and third largest economies in the world, the East Asian region offers great cultural, political and economic diversity.

Flourishing cultures and societies, dynamic economies and spectacular megaprojects exist alongside increasing food insecurity and environmental degradation in the region. Our degrees offer you the opportunity to study this region and its composite nations from historical, economic, political, social and cultural perspectives.

You can study East Asian Studies without studying a language or you can choose to combine East Asian Studies with Chinese, Japanese, or Thai.

Study abroad

You’ll have the option to study abroad at one at one of the 300 universities we have partnerships with worldwide, including several in East Asia, or spend a year working in either the UK or internationally.

If you study East Asian Studies with either Chinese, Japanese or Thai you’ll have a compulsory year abroad and study a four-year degree.

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