Our flexible degrees offer modules on topics from politics and philosophy to literature from Medieval to modern, via the history of the French language and postcolonial Francophone cinema.

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With a diverse cultural heritage and varied history, France has been hugely influential in the shaping of the modern world. Whichever French degree option you choose, you'll gain a thorough knowledge of this global language while building an awareness of French and Francophone culture.

French at Leeds

French is an established subject area at the University of Leeds and is an exciting place for your undergraduate studies. We have around 20 full-time members of staff with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm in French teaching and research from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Throughout your degree you'll be able to specialise in the areas you find most interesting: from literature to linguistics, from popular culture to politics, from thought to translation, from film to postcolonial Francophone studies.

Some of our students are studying for the BA French degree, and others are combining French with another subject or language. This means that in some of your modules, you'll be able to discuss topics and debate with students who'll be using different approaches or skills from their other subject, which makes for an exciting and challenging learning experience.

The University's Language Zone has a range of resources, including books, magazines, audio and video resources, in over 50 languages and provides additional opportunities to practice your language skills through workshops, language exchanges and language groups. You’ll have access to free Rosetta Stone software, both on and off campus, allowing you to learn a range of other languages from beginner to intermediate level. 

Enrichment opportunities

You'll be encouraged to make the most of a range of opportunities to develop your own research skills as an undergraduate student, to network with employers and graduates, and to enjoy your undergraduate studies. The student-led French society will be a great way to meet people from your course through social events, study sessions and even trips abroad.


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French at Leeds

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You'll benefit from learning in a research-intensive environment.

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Kristina Vaitekunaite
Student | French
“The possibility to choose freely from a range of modules was definitely the most exciting part throughout my degree. It allowed me to discover and to develop my interests, and gave me an opportunity to gain skills that I will use in my future”