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Italian undergraduate degrees

Undergraduate degrees

At Leeds you can study Italian either from scratch or post A-level and we have dedicated language modules to suit your level. No matter whether you started as a beginner, or as a post A-level student, you'll be equally fluent by the time you graduate. 

  • Our Beginners course (B) is designed for students who have little or no previous contact with Italian language. It has an excellent record of student success, with ex-beginners able to live in Italy after only two years of study, and often gaining top marks in final-year language exams.
  • Our Advanced course (A) is designed for students who have an A-level or equivalent in Italian. If you're unsure whether your language ability is advanced enough for this course, you can take our placement test.

Italian at Leeds

Rich in cultural heritage, Italy is a leading world economy. Our Italian language degrees allow you to become fluent in Italian and acquire an in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of this vibrant country.

We offer research and teaching expertise in a broad range of areas with Italian studies from the Middle Ages to the present day, including in literature; art history; film studies; history; linguistics and languages for business.

Enrichment opportunities

The student-led Italian society is a great way to meet students from across your degree, and others who have a general interest in Italy and Italian culture. It provides the opportunity to meet and talk with Italian native speakers, including incoming Italian Erasmus students, and practise your language skills outside the classoom. You can gain professional experience and employability skills by taking on a leadership or administrative role within the society.


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Study abroad

Hannah Jacobsen
Student | BA Italian (B)
"To anyone thinking of applying for beginners level Italian here I would say you will not regret choosing to study it! I genuinely feel I made a really great choice and studying at Leeds allows you to study a wide variety of subjects."

How will I study?

Whichever path you undertake you'll benefit from excellent teaching of the Italian language, with plenty of access to native speakers. You'll be taught in small groups and your high number of contact hours will ensure steady progress in all language skills.

You'll study alongside students from across the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, and have a range of opportunities and activities to develop your own research skills in a lively academic environment.

You'll use resources on the University’s virtual learning environment to enhance your learning and we lead in the development of CALL (computer assisted language learning).

The University's Language Zone has a range of resources, including books, magazines, audio and video resources, in over 50 languages and provides additional opportunities to practice your language skills through workshops, language exchanges and language groups.


Our innovative LivItaly programme attracts high-profile figures in contemporary Italian culture to campus giving you the opportunity to meet Italian writers, singers, journalists and professionals.

Dante leeds centre

Organises public lectures which you can attend. It also runs initiatives to support students working on Dante, including a national study day and the Leeds Dante podcasts.