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Russian and Slavonic Studies undergraduate degrees

Undergraduate degrees

At Leeds you can study Russian either from scratch or post A-level and we have dedicated language modules to suit your level. No matter whether you started as a beginner, or as a post A-level student, you'll be equally fluent by the time you graduate. 

Russian at Leeds

Russia, with its rich cultural history and extraordinarily turbulent political past, is now without a doubt one of the major players in the new world order.

The University of Leeds has a long Russian Studies tradition: our area was founded in 1918. Whilst mindful of this tradition, we are pioneering a dynamic approach to the subject which means that you'll study in a forward-thinking community with a multi-media, cross-disciplinary approach.

Your course will be organised around several thematic areas; including language, literature, visual culture, linguistics and history, to provide you with an insight into Russia, making you an expert on this intriguing country.

The University's Language Zone has a range of resources, including books, magazines, audio and video resources, in over 50 languages and provides additional opportunities to practice your language skills through workshops, language exchanges and language groups.

The Leeds Russian Archive Collections contains over 650 collections of manuscripts, photographs, books, journals and newspapers documenting Anglo-Russian contacts in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Library also holds collections related to authors such as Leonid Andreyev, Ivan Bunin, Leonid Zurov and Anna Bunina.

The Leeds Russian Centre is a research unit bringing together academics and students from across the University who work in fields relating to Russian Studies. The centre hosts events throughout the year and all students are encouraged to attend.

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Olja Bojanić
The course itself is perfect. There is an immaculate balance between written work and speaking. We spend at least 2 hours a week engaging in conversations with each other and sharing each other’s ideas and opinions and putting forth our arguments.