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Studying Chinese language and culture will give you an insight into an increasingly influential part of the world, and open the way to a lifetime of personal enrichment as you delve deeper into China's past and present.

You'll better understand how China has emerged as a modern, powerful nation with increasing prominence in world affairs, as well as how China views itself and the world from the inside out.

Residence abroad

Your year abroad is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture.

You'll spend a year either in mainland China or in Taiwan studying an intensive language course at one of our partner institutions: Beijing Normal University, Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, or National Chengchi University in Taipei.

As well as language classes you can attend classes on aspects of Chinese culture. Examples have included skills for Chinese martial arts, Chinese cooking, calligraphy, painting, seal cutting, music and Shanghai dialect.

You'll be fully immersed in Chinese society, and have plentiful opportunities to make friends and improve your spoken and written Chinese. You'll also gain a deeper knowledge of China's long history, rich culture and contemporary scene.