Why study with us?

Each year around 2,200 students choose to study with us creating a lively, vibrant and diverse environment for your undergraduate studies. Some of our students study a language degree, whereas others are interested in the fundamentals of language development, or the religions of East Asia, or even the politics of ancient Rome. 

Becoming a part of our diverse student community means that you will meet and learn with people from a variety of courses and you'll benefit from the opportunties this brings. You could join the student society of another subject, you might be able to take modules in another subject that interests you and take part in social events across the School. 

Flexibility and expertise

We have around 200 members of staff, many of whom are native speakers of the languages they research and teach, and their specialisms and expertise means that you can enjoy flexibility and variety in your degree. 


The study of languages, cultures and linguistics enjoys over a century of history at the University of Leeds. You'll have access to the expertise and dedication of internationally recognised scholars, dedicated facilities and a specialist support team, including your personal tutor and support staff, who will be on hand throughout your degree to deal with anything from study abroad arrangements to careers advice.

The School of Languages, Cultures and Societies is part of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures which means you'll benefit from a variety of opportunities open to all arts and humanities students at Leeds. 

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Lifelong Learning Centre

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The Lifelong Learning Centre provides support for mature and part-time learners across the University, including advice on how to apply to university and support throughout your studies.