Postgraduate Researchers

Postgraduate Research open day


  • Sarah Chadwick (PhD): ‘Democratising representations of racial othering and the history of blood donation: From 1946 to present in Thackray Museum of Medicine supported by the lived experiences of British Caribbeans and British Pakistanis from Leeds and Bradford’.
  • Qifan Chang (provisional PhD): topic on cultural identity and Chinese documentary film.
  • Fatih Kalkan (PhD): ‘The refugee crisis and the articulation of Europeanness in curatorial art practices’.
  • Jennifer Kennedy (PhD; Extinction Studies DTP): ‘Resisting cultural genocide: Territorial destruction and resistance in Panama and Mexico’.
  • Feier Lou (provisional PhD; with School of Education): topic on experience and teaching of interculturality.
  • Sarah Oakes (PhD; Extinction Studies DTP): topic on Indigenous understandings of potatoes in Peru.
  • Rama Saidani (provisional PhD): topic on corporate intercultural training.