Our research and impact

Our research spans various aspects of interpreting studies including theoretical and methodological issues, pedagogy in conference interpreting and public service interpreting training, interpreting competence and its development, corpus-based descriptive studies of the interpreting product (especially norms in interpreting), language-pair specificity in Chinese/English interpreting, the interpreting of specialised genres such as political discourse, and the role of interpreters and interpreting activities throughout history.

ORCIT, a project led by University of Leeds, was funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Interpretation (DG SCIC), for developing an open-access interactive multimedia platform in conference interpreter training.

We are also functioned as a leading institution of the NNI (National Network for Interpreting) and the Routes into Languages programmes.

Our expertise

Binhua Wang
Svetlana Carsten

Research projects

Centre for Translation Studies
The Camões Centre for Portuguese Language
Language at Leeds
Staging China
Chinese Theatre
Signs beyond Borders