Our research

We have a vibrant and expanding postgraduate community and have been particularly successful in recent years in securing postgraduate scholarships with the AHRC. We run a series of seminars, for more information please contact Dr Ilya Yablokov.

Leeds Russian Centre

Colleagues in Russian and Slavonic Studies are also founders of the Leeds Russian Centre which brings together academics across the University working in fields related to Russian Studies under a shared research agenda: ‘Russia(n) in the Global Context’.

This agenda has a strategic focus general enough to encompass a broad range of research interests but specific enough to act as an easily identifiable ‘brand’ which underpins all the activities in Russian at Leeds (student education, research and EKT). It implies a study of Russian culture beyond the boundaries of the Russian Federation, unconstrained by the legacy of the Cold War and its binary paradigms (USSR vs. the West), or by the transition theories of the 1990s (Russia on its path to democratisation), but rather is informed by a view of Russian culture as a meeting-point for global cultural flows. This approach repositions Russia as one of the centres of global developments, and is intrinsically interdisciplinary.

Leeds Russian Archive

We are also home to the Leeds Russian Archive. In 2005, the Archive was designated by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council as being of outstanding national and international importance.

Impact and engagement

Russian at Leeds engages in a range of impact and engagement projects including

  • media interviews and commentaries on Russian literature, politics and media in Russia, Britain and the US
  • public events in the Tate Modern, The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), Leeds International Film Festival, Pushkin House (London), British Academy for Film and Television Art

Our expertise

Research Projects