International Fellowships - For overseas researchers

Previously known as the Newton International Fellowships, the International Fellowships scheme is jointly supported by the British Academy and the Royal Society.

The International Fellowships 2024 scheme has now closed. For the benefit of potential applicants in future rounds, we have left the information on the 2024 round on this page (see below), to help you plan. Please be aware however that the deadlines are subject to change. 

The International Fellowships enable researchers to work for two years at a UK institution with the aim of fostering long-term international collaborations.The scheme aims to attract the most promising early career postdoctoral researchers from overseas in the fields of the social sciences and the humanities: applicants with a project in the field of natural sciences will need to apply for the scheme via the Royal Society, and not the British Academy. Applicants must not hold UK citizenship and must currently be working outside the UK.  

Applications are submitted jointly by the researcher and the UK academic co-applicant (mentor). It is essential that you make contact with your co-applicant well in advance of the deadline as the contact should lead to a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research project proposal. If you do not have a co-applicant in mind, please have a look at our research pages and staff profiles, and searchable co-applicant lists – and feel free to make contact directly with relevant colleagues. Alternatively you can contact and we will be happy to advise you. 

LCS screens applications for quality and offers rigorous peer review to candidates. You are strongly encouraged to get in touch with us at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can help you to define and elucidate your research project, as well as working with you on the application itself.

How to apply: historic advice 

Please make sure you are eligible to apply for this scheme; by checking the criteria here.

  • Find your mentor and start to prepare your application, and notify that you wish to apply to this scheme;

  • You are strongly advised to take advantage of the peer review opportunities offered by the School and the University. Applicants who wish to request peer review must submit their draft applications to by Wednesday 21 February 2024 at the latest (though earlier submission is strongly encouraged);

  • Internal (University) deadline for applications: Wednesday 28 February 2024 ;

  • Funder deadline: 17:00 13 March 2024.

If you have any queries on this scheme which are not covered by these pages then please contact and we will be happy to help.