Our research

Our research specialisms include:

  • The collection, enrichment and analysis of monolingual and multilingual corpora (how to collect texts and explore the contents of multilingual text collections)
  • Computer-assisted translation and machine translation (how to use computers in human translation)
  • Multilingual, multimodal analysis (how to analyse audiovisual material, such as film, and graphic documents in multilingual contexts)
  • Literary translation (how to explore the translation choices and process for fiction or poetry)
  • Quality standards in translation
  • The use of eye-tracking in research on translation, subtitling and language learning
  • Translation and ideology (how to analyse ideological choices using models of discourse analysis)

We also have a very active research postgraduate community and nurture a longstanding tradition of developing research in collaboration with academic and industrial partners to fill gaps in knowledge or to find solutions to problems faced by practising translators, subtitlers and interpreters. 

Academic team

Elisabetta Adami, UAF in Multimodal Communication
Bogdan Babych, Associate Professor in Translation Studies
Jacob Blakesley, UAF in World Literatures
Anne Buckley, Lecturer in German and Translation Studies
Philippa Dearns, Teaching Fellow in EAP and Translation Studies
Hanem El-Farahaty, Lecturer in Translation Studies
Gonzalo Iturregui Gallardo, Catalan Lecturer
Jeremy Munday, Professor of Translation Studies
Sara Ramos Pinto, Lecturer in Translation Studies
Pier Pischedda, Lecturer in Linguistics and Intercultural Studies
Paul Rowe, Senior Lecturer in French
Alina Secară, Lecturer in Translation Studies 
Serge Sharoff, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
Caroline Summers, Lecturer in German/Comparative Translation Studies
Martin Thomas, Lecturer in Translation Studies
Callum Walker, Lecturer in Translation Technology
Binhua Wang, Professor of interpreting and translation studies
Martin Ward, Lecturer in Chinese and Japanese Translation