Dr Svetlana Carsten

Dr Svetlana Carsten


Honorary Fellow in Translation Studies

I have been involved in interpreting training since 1985 having previously worked for a number of years as a freelance interpreter and translator. In 2001, in my capacity as the Director of Interpreting Programmes, I launched a multilingual postgraduate programme in interpreting at Leeds. I stayed in the Director post until October 2010. I got tremendous satisfaction from the challenge of managing interpreting training in up to 10 to 11 languages. The environment at the Centre for Translation Studies provided the ideal place for offering high-level professional training for linguists and I brought in a team of interpreting tutors who were renowned as EU conference interpreters and interpreter trainers and who helped to establish the reputation of the interpreting course in Leeds. From 2007 to 2012, I led the National Network for Interpreting which was part of the UK government-funded Routes into Languages Programme and until 2016 I led the EU-funded ORCIT project (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training) in partnership with the universities of Comillas (Madrid), Charles in Prague, Heidelberg, ISIT (Paris), La Laguna (Tenerife), Ljubljana, Thessaloniki and Vilnius. Currently I act as an advisor for the ORCIT project.

In 2012 I won the David Crystal Award for fostering the study of languages from the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


Research interests

Research interests and Collaborative work

My research and scholarship interests include course design and pedagogy, the methodology of teaching interpreting, OERs and learning theories. Collaborative work on the two projects which I have led, the NNI and ORCIT, focuses on the development of on-line resources for interpreter-training.

I am a member of the Editorail board, academic journal of Translation Studies, Vertimo Studijos, Vilnius University.

Other collaborative work included setting up professional development programmes for conference interpreters with the Interpreting Directorate of the European Parliament, the UN, Lithuanian Parliament and the Latvian Group of the European Parliament. Until 2011, I co-chaired (together with the DG for Interpretation, SCIC) the Universities Contact Group (UCG), which is a forum of 14 universities across the world and 19 major international organisations. The forum addresses the problem of the shortage of skills and linguists in the language industry.


I have an extensive experience of supervising UG dissertations in Russian Studies and MA theses in Translation Studies. I have experience in co-supervising PhD theses.

Selected refereed publications

Carsten, S, Maskaliuniene, N and Perret, M (forthcoming 2019). Collaborative Multilingual Multimedia Project ORCIT (Online Resources in Conference Interpreter Training): sharing pedagogical good practice and enhancing learner experience in ICTs in conference interpreter training, Dolores Rodríguez Melchor (ed), Peter Lang.

Salama Carr, M., Carsten, S. and Campbell, H. J. L. (2017) Translation and Interpreting in a post-Brexit Britain in Speaking and listening to the world: Rebuilding the UK’s capacity to understand and communicate with the rest of the world after Brexit, Kelly, M. (ed), Palgrave Macmillan.

Carsten, S. (2015) Mapping a theoretical framework for ORCIT (Online Open Resources in Conference Interpreting Training). Vertimo Studijos, 8. ISSN 2029-7033, 7-22

Carsten, S. (2013) A different Shade of Shadowing: Source Text to Source Text as Efficient Simultaneous Processing Exercise. Vertimo Studijos, Vilnius University, 6, 9-33.

Carsten, S. (2006) New challenges for interpreting schools. Translation Ireland, no 1, vol. 17, 181-195.

Carsten, S. (2002) What are the Objectives in the Curriculum Design of an Interpreting and Translating Programme? in Maia, B., Haller, J., Ulrych, M. (eds): Training the Language Services Provider for the New Millennium, AstraFlup, Porto, 43-52.

Carsten, S. and Russel, J. (1993) Glasnost, Advanced Russian Interpreting Course (textbook and tapes), University of Bradford, ISBN: 9781851430741


Other relevant publications

Carsten, S, Bloom, T. and Howard, C. (2013) The Impact of the National Network for Interpreting. The final report for the National Network for Interpreting project: strand of the HEFCE funded Routes into Languages Programme. Available at http://www.nationalnetworkforinterpreting.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/NNI_final_report.pdf

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  • PhD (Literature and Politics), Bradford
  • BA equiv (English, Translation and Interpreting), Voronezh State University, RU

Professional memberships

  • CIoL (Charted Institute of Linguists)
  • BASEES (British Association for Slavonic and Eastern European Studies)
  • IATIS (International Association for Translation and Intercultural Study)

Research groups and institutes

  • Interpreting