Jenny Rush

After studying Thai at the University of Leeds, I took the opportunity to work in Vancouver for a year. Although travelling to Canada was quite a different step from most of my fellow students, I was able to find a great job opportunity with  one of North America’s largest language schools, which would’ve been out of my reach had I not completed the Thai degree programme in Leeds.

In this role I was able to use my Thai language to assist and provide pastoral care to Thai students. Moreover, my own experience of having studied abroad meant I was able to empathise with students and work well with a diverse faculty of staff and partners from a wide range of backgrounds. Being able to use Thai language to comfort nervous or homesick students gives me huge job satisfaction and reaffirms my love of Thai language and Thai culture on a regular basis.

Having returned to the UK, I’m about to start work in a similar position at a language school in Yorkshire, where I hope my enthusiasm for language learning and studying abroad will ensure foreign students coming to the UK have as great an experience as I did while studying Thai in Leeds and Chiang Mai!