Portrait of Natalie haythornthwaite

Natalie Haythornthwaite

The University of Leeds has an excellent reputation, a key factor in my decision to study here. As well as the reputation, the course was appealing and interesting and allowed me to study something I am keen to learn about as well as balancing sporting commitments around.

Within Linguistics and Phonetics we cover a wide range of topics from language acquisition to instrumental and auditory phonetics, all the modules are challenging however the opportunity to study a wide range of subject areas is great. It allows us as students to challenge our own knowledge as well developing a greater understanding in that subject area.

The course over the past 3 years has been very challenging for me, balancing sports with academics is difficult however the support around me allows me to achieve success. I thoroughly enjoy Phonetics and have taken a real liking to the modules in this area, instrumental and auditory phonetics has been my most interesting module as I fully engaged in the area and found it very stimulating.

The most surprising thing about coming to Leeds I think has to be the support around me, I was aware that University focuses a lot on independent learning and that was an initial worry I had due to my demanding commitments elsewhere. However the support I have received whilst studying at Leeds has been phenomenal. My tutor and lecturers have been very understanding of my sporting commitments and always been there to advise me at times I’ve struggle. This has resulted in me being able to carry out both academics and sports whilst studying.

Leeds as a student city has a great balance between academics, sports, nightlife, shopping and many more. It is a very easy access city with many attractions. It offers something to everyone and is a great city with everything in relatively close distance.

The University of Leeds has hundreds of extra-curricular programmes for students to try out. If you're interested in sports the Uni has one of the best sporting facilities I have used, as well as frequent gym classes you can attend. Non sporting wise I have participated in a sign language society which was very interesting and a new challenge for myself.

When I graduate I plan to continue studying in order to one day become a speech and language therapist.