Sacha Rines

I, once a die-hard English Lit gal, have actually been converted and I even plan on doing my dissertation (final year project) in Classics now.

I find doing joint honours doesn’t mean I’m getting half of subject, but rather more of them together. For example, the close reading skills we develop in English really informs how I treat primary sources in Classics, just as dealing with historians in Classics helps my take on theories within literature.

The core modules in first year really set you up for the rest of your time in Leeds, while in second year there’s a lot more choice in what you want to do. One of my favourites is Traversing Time: The Voyage of the Argo, which introduced me to a new type of assessment called a commentary, which I may do for my dissertation next year.

Everyone says they love university and your time is likely to be good at most places, but for me, Leeds genuinely is the best.

For student nightlife, there’s something for everyone with Techno and DnB nights in warehouses on one side to Jazz nights at cute bars and RuPaul’s Drag Race quizzes on the other!

There’s loads of clubs and societies too. I joined DJ society and got some decks in first year, then in second year I started women’s rugby, both of which I’d never done before. The socials are also very fun and come highly recommended!