Staging China


Funded by: Arts and Humanities Research Council UK (AHRC), Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Conferences (CCKF), Sino-British Fellowship Trust, University of Leeds

Staging China, an international practice-led research network with its hub in Leeds is a development from the project Performing China on the Global Stage. It brings together academics, research students and theatre practitioners to reinvigorate Chinese theatre as a practice-led/cross-disciplinary subject. It aims to influence academic institutions and individual researchers; and to impact on performing industries and the general public. The project will:

  • Explore how contemporary and historic China is constructed and projected through intra/inter/trans-cultural stage productions and what is happening when China is ‘performed’;
  • Examine and analyse theatre productions in the Chinese language, in minority languages, plus non-Chinese productions about China in and outside of the Chinese-speaking regions;
  • Develop Chinese theatre as an inter-disciplinary subject of Sinology, Cultural and Performance Studies, and therefore enhance the international status of Sinological research and attract more young people to the subject;
  • Offer consultancy and help establish collaboration between researchers and practitioners, and between theatre companies in and outside China.
  • Disseminate individuals’ research amongst researchers, institutions, and theatre professionals to promote further collaborative work, and amongst the general public to enhance international awareness of Chinese civilization.

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