How to promote children's language development using family-based shared book reading


Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council

The aim of this project is to determine how shared reading promotes child language development, and use this knowledge to make it an effective language boosting tool for children from all social and economic backgrounds. We will first determine how parents from different social/economic backgrounds use language boosting behaviours during shared reading. We will then create four targeted interventions, each focused on a particular language boosting behaviour, and investigate how they are implemented by parents from different backgrounds, and how they affect children's language development. We will explore what influences parents' decisions to read or not to read with their children, in order to work out why parents may be unwilling to read with their children and to identify how to make reading a more enjoyable experience. Across the project, we will study a range of language skills, covering the core language abilities that are essential for learning to read and write in school.