Language processing

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Language processing

Language processing research

Our research

Language processing research encompasses language acquisition and the factors affecting speech processing in native speakers.

In first language learners, our research investigates:

  • The comprehension of referring expressions
  • The impact of language processing on the acquisition of adjectives
  • The processing of anaphoric dependencies in non-local domains

In second language learners, our research seeks to:

  • Disentangle processing effects from language representation differences
  • Assess the impact of working memory on L2 speech processing and production

In native speakers, our research focuses on:

  • The processing correlates of syntactic violations
  • The effects of educational attainment and literacy on syntactic processing
  • Speech perception (eg tempo) and phonological processing
  • The role of speaker specificity on language processing
  • The production and comprehension of referring expressions
  • The effects of sociophonetic variation on speech processing

We are active members of the Language at Leeds research hub, and in particular of the following Language at Leeds research satellites: Language Development and Cognition.

Our research facilities include the Human Communications Lab. We also have access to EEG facilities through our collaboration with the School of Psychology.

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