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Language pedagogy

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Our active approach to classroom research encourages everyone who is teaching language to engage in research, whether at a more informal reflective level or the more formal publishable level. This means there’s a rich culture of scholarship in our School, and a large range of projects. While there are projects which focus within one language, most projects ask questions which are not necessarily restricted to one particular language. Another feature of our cross-language approach to research in language teaching is that most of our projects involve teams of colleagues.

Research and scholarship projects within the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies aim to not only improve language learning for the diverse range of students in the school but also to influence language education policies and practices across the sector. We also work closely with the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence where a number of LCS staff have been awarded secondments to pursue teaching research interests.

We organised an international conference on speaking skills Language Learning and Teaching Conference: Developing Speaking Skills and a national symposium on the knowledge-base of English for Academic Purposes.

We also launched the highly successful scholarship journal The Language Scholar.

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Our research is often collaborative and has an international impact. Explore the outcomes of our past and present research projects associated with language pedagogy.

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