Portrait of Natalie Conde

Natalie Conde

I applied to my course because I love the idea of combining literature with history, and Classical Civilisation does just that. The department at Leeds is fantastic; the lecturers are incredibly helpful and the modules are really interesting.  The University of Leeds is wonderful too – it gives you a platform to do whatever you would like with your time here and there is always something happening to get involved with. Classical Civilisation is very versatile as a degree as it allows you the opportunity to branch out into almost any profession, which is incredibly helpful.

There is something truly fascinating about studying cultures like ours in so many ways despite being 2000 years old. Sometimes it is hard to get your head around, especially since the literature is so impressive and interesting, but that’s what keeps my degree exciting and makes it so worthwhile. I love the fact that my area of study still has such an impact on the world to this day.

I’ve loved my course so far. I really enjoy both the history and literature side of it, and I honestly couldn’t say whether I prefer the Romans or Greeks – they’re both so fascinating and different! In September I am going to study at a university in Canada and I am taking modules that will relate to my future dissertation concerning sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome. I am so excited to have the opportunity and I can’t wait experience life there. The Study Abroad programme is accessible to most degree programmes and the people working in the office are incredibly helpful and supportive, so if it’s something you would be interested in doing make sure you look into it straight away.

I have also had the opportunity to volunteer with a group of other students to lead a workshop at the Touchstones Museum in Rochdale to primary school children. The museum held a day dedicated to exploring the lives of Greeks and Romans and our workshop taught the children about Greek Vases. They had the opportunity to create their own vase drawings and handle replicas and they really enjoyed it! The children were so excited about the subject, learnt so much and were so thankful afterwards that the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day was overwhelming. I am also part of the RAG society (Raise and Give) and I’m participating in the ‘Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge’ soon. There are many different events organised by RAG to raise money for all different causes, so you can pick something you’ve always wanted to do. I enjoy hiking so this event is perfect for me and as I also get to raise money for a charity really close to my heart, it is an opportunity that I’m really thankful for. 
Leeds is the most vibrant, diverse and interesting city I’ve ever had the pleasure of living in and there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s shopping, clubbing, dining out or a great music scene; Leeds has it all. A particular favourite place of mine is the Cottage Road Cinema, it’s really old fashioned and best of all, it’s cheap!

For anyone thinking of applying to BA Classical Civilisation I would say do it! It’s a fantastic course with a great department. If you’re looking for a degree that covers a range of subjects such as philosophy, literature and history and you are interested in ancient Rome and Greece, then Classical Civilisation is for you.

Once I have finished my course I would like go into a career to do with writing and literature such as journalism, editing or publishing.