Portrait of Christiaan cumine

Christiaan Cumine

I come from St Albans, a very classical related city with all of its Roman history, just north of London. I had never studied classics at school, however the appeal of it to me on the Open Day made me decide that I could easily see myself studying such an interesting topic for the next 3 years of my life.

The mythology and literature are by far the most appealing aspects of my degree. The foundation on which our society’s reading and writing derives from is such an interesting topic and makes for such an exciting degree. My course has been extremely interesting and it is hard to choose a favourite module or moment as it is all so versatile. The aspect I am looking forward to the most is studying ancient greek next year for the challenge and intensive teaching, unlike a lot of the more self driven modules.

The amount of electives (Discovery Modules) available to me was the most surprising part of coming to Leeds. I am currently studying Japanese with the hopes to go to Japan after my course and teach japanese children English.

The social life in Leeds has developed me as a person, not only as a student, and I definitely did not expect such a well rounded experience coming to university. Outside of studying I have played a lot of inter mural sport, including football, basketball and rugby. Similarly last year I competed in Athletics for the Uni and this year, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

When I graduated I intend to go to Japan to teach English and from there, I am not sure. Hopefully my degree will take me to interesting places and to meet interesting people.