Portrait of Michael potts

Michael Potts

I am a 5th year student studying Russian and Chinese. I started the programme with no previous knowledge of either of the languages but the programme is completely suited to that. I had background studying languages at school but studying Russian and Chinese was a completely new but rewarding challenge.

I applied to Leeds as it was the only university in the UK which offered this programme. Studying here allowed me to take two full years studying abroad in Beijing and Moscow, an experience which is unmatched anywhere else.

I spent my first year abroad in Moscow studying at Moscow State University, with other students from Leeds who studied Russian as a single or joint honours. I spent time travelling in Russia during holidays and on weekends and visited neighbouring Eastern European countries. My second year abroad was spent studying at Capital Normal University in Beijing. I took the opportunity to travel whilst studying in Beijing spending three weeks travelling through the country’s southern provinces.

Spending two years studying abroad has certainly given me confidence, independence and a heightened cultural awareness, let alone an invaluable combination of language skills. Studying abroad really gives you the opportunity to get to grips with a language and culture as well as travel and have fun.

Studying languages at Leeds is hard work, however it will give you an experience unmatched in any other degree programme. The experience and skills you learn will be highly sought after and invaluable for the future.

Now I am in my final year I am looking for a graduate level job and I am likely to relocate and work abroad.