Rebecca Capel

The study of Classics has provided me with countless opportunities for independent research, critical engagement and collective discussion.

The Classics department is excellent, every member of staff is genuinely interested in our opinions and new perspectives, and the community of students is extremely close. Each member of staff is actively engaged in their own research and always value the new ideas of students.

I had not studied Classical Literature before University, but the first year modules at Leeds ensured that I was able to encounter both Greek and Latin Literature, as well as providing the opportunity to choose History modules.

In my first year I enrolled on the Beginners Latin module and it was extremely rewarding; not only did I learn to greatly appreciate the efforts of translators, I also felt more engaged with the Ancient culture and grew to appreciate each text even more, from a new perspective. Choosing the Latin Language module has helped me with assessments in second and third year, as I feel comfortable tracing specific words back to the original language and examining whether differing translations have had varying impacts.

In second year I again chose to study Greek and Latin Literature, as well as taking an Italian Discovery module. The combination of Latin and the Italian module led me to the topic of my dissertation, which examines the process of learning in the Underworld. The Level 2 module Evidence and Enquiry also influenced my dissertation topic and led me to approach texts from a more theoretical perspective, predominantly intertextuality and reception theory.

The Classical Literature part of my degree has deeply enriched and benefitted the English part; the influence of Classical texts is ever present within literature, and in seminar discussions I am always able to provide another perspective, as well as understanding the ways in which these Classical texts have been received and reinterpreted.

The study of Classics has taught me so much and has inspired me to undertake further study; I feel confident that my education in Leeds has prepared me for future job prospects and has definitely made me a more confident person.

I am extremely grateful for all of the support I have received not only from the University in general, but from the Classics department specifically, and I cannot recommend to study Classics at Leeds enough!