Mike Golding

The study of literature on the course helps you to contextualise what you learn about ancient history, which is extremely useful if you’re a historian looking to find out new ways to uncover information!

The course’s structure helps you to develop skills in an effective way, with your first year mainly consisting of broad topics such as Greek and Roman history, gradually specifying the topics over the remaining two years of study.

Second year also consists of a class known as evidence and enquiry in classics, something which is extremely useful in terms of learning the application of research methods introduced to you during the course.

The structure of the course allows you to build up a broad knowledge base so that even a complete beginner can come into the subject (like me) and by the end have the skills of a seasoned Classicist!

the tutors you will have during your time at Leeds are extremely helpful at every point of your university journey. All the tutors here have a vast wealth of knowledge, and they are all approachable and supportive of each of their students, ensuring that your studies run as smoothly as they can. Their understanding approach is very helpful – having such great people in the department has done so much for me as a student and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Overall, studying Classics at Leeds is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had so far, allowing me to meet great people and better myself as a person immeasurably!

I couldn’t recommend it enough, and if you come to Leeds, I’m sure you will be able to say you’ve enjoyed your time here as much as I have by the end of your degree.