Our research

The group’s current research specialisms cover the following broad thematic areas:

  • Colonial, postcolonial, decolonial and migration studies
  • Political regimes, civil society and political parties research
  • Foreign policy and development assistance
  • Urban governance, development and marginalisation
  • Economic and social policy
  • Gender and politics  
  • Language and politics

Geographically, the group’s research engages with the politics in Latin America, East Asia, Europe, Russia, North Africa, the Middle East as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Research projects

Academics in the politics group are currently involved in a range of research projects at the cutting-edge of their field, a selection of which are listed below:

  • Post-Work: Framing Labour in Post-Industrial Europe, AHRC, (Sarah Waters and external collaborators)
  • Performance, Politics and Piety: Music as Debate in Muslim Societies in North Africa, West Asia, South Asia and their Diasporas, AHRC/ESRC, (2014- follow-on) (Kamal Salhi, Project Leader)
  • Vicious Cities: Landslides and Urbanization in Contemporary Andean Cultures, Newton Trust/British Council, 2018-19 (Rebecca Jarman)
  • Armando Armero: Safeguarding Collective Memory and Reconnecting Diasporic Communities, AHRC, 2018-19 (Rebecca Jarman)
  • Youth and political parties in the MENA, ESRC, pending (Hendrik Kraetzschmar and external collaborators)
  • Hematopolitics in Japan and South Korea: reciprocity and exclusion in blood donation, work-in-progress (Jieun Kim)

Explore our projects for more details about our past and present research activity.

Book projects

  • Japan’s development assistance to the African countries  (Kweku Ampiah)
  • ‘Patriotic education’ reforms in China and Japan  (Caroline Rose)
  • Former Prime Ministers of Japan (co-authored by Caroline Rose)
  • Shantytowns and the city: colonial power relations in Algiers and Casablanca, 1919-1962, Oxford University Press (Jim House)
  • Curating conspiracy: politics, people and power on Russia Today (co-authored by Ilya Yablokov)
  • Representing the barrios: culture, politics and poverty in twentieth-century Caracas (Rebecca Jarman)
  • The other city: survival and care in underclass Japan (Jieun Kim)

For a full list of past academic publications and research projects, visit the individual webpages of academics in the group. 

Academic team

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