Participant profiles

Serena Sala

Serena Sala spent twenty-five years working for international "bureaux de style" (fashion-trend agencies). She is specialized in market forecasting for the creative industry. Serena worked as consultant for international companies, helping them define their brand identity. Since 2002, she has been lecturing at higher education institutions on the social analysis of markets, cool hunting, fashion trends, communication strategies, marketing story-telling, history and sociology of fashion. Here you can watch a short interview.

Serena Sala gave a lecture on Made in Italy: New Perspectives on Creativity and Culture in the Global Market at the University of Leeds in 2014.

About the IED (European Institute of Design)

The IED was established in 1966 by Francesco Morelli and is an international network of higher education institutes, which is based in Italy and has branches in Spain and Brazil. IED offers programmes and training courses on design, fashion, visual communication and management. IED programme and courses offer includes:

    •    undergraduate courses
    •    masters courses
    •    advanced training courses


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