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Giorgio Faletti

The 2009 guest of Italian Writers in Leeds, organised in collaboration with the Italian Consulate in Manchester, was Giorgio Faletti, whose lively talk attracted a wide audience of students, staff, and general public (in Italian and English).

Giorgio Faletti. Born in 1950 in Asti, in Piedmont, Faletti is a familiar face to Italian audiences. He had a successful career as a stand-up comedian, TV and cinema actor, and then as a singer-songwriter, before turning to writing crime fiction. His first thriller, Io uccido (2002), sold 3.5 million copies in Italy only, and established him as one of the most popular contemporary Italian writers. Other titles include: Niente di vero tranne gli occhi (2004), Fuori da un evidente destino (2006), Pochi inutili nascondigli (2008). Faletti is one of the few contemporary Italian writers of crime fiction choosing not to set his novels in his native country, preferring instead international settings like Monte Carlo or the U.S.A. Io uccido is available in English translation with the title I Kill (Constable&Robinson, 2008)

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