Portrait of Jack Butler

Jack Butler

Since graduating I’ve jumped into the wild world of publishing, first with an internship at HarperCollins UK. After seven months of working in editorial across a few of their imprints, I moved on to an independent publisher called Endeavour Press where I launched a science fiction and fantasy imprint for the company. Most recently I’ve taken a big step up as editor at Amazon Publishing.

This industry is fascinating and fast paced, and the courses I took with the School of English absolutely helped me prepare for this vibrant and challenging environment. I learned quickly at Leeds that creativity and productivity are directly related to how much you’re prepared to push your own limits, and my module tutors helped me realise this.

Studying a wide range of material from Icelandic sagas to gigantic post-structuralist texts was so engaging that I’ve taken the desire to engage with the world in the same breadth into life post-university. If you’re the kind of person who likes to push your boundaries, then I can’t recommend the School of English enough.