Medical Humanities Research Group

Medical humanities research group


The Medical Humanities Research Group brings together researchers who work on the interaction between culture, medicine, and health, making the School of English at the University of Leeds a key national and international hub for medical humanities scholarship.

Our focus is interdisciplinary, and we have strong connections across the University with colleagues in medical engineering, health sciences and primary care, as well as service users and arts organisations across the city.

We have a core group of staff focused on medical humanities teaching and research and a number of other staff across the School working in relevant areas. Within the group, we have specialties in disability studies, writing chronic illness, care, posthumanism and science fiction.

These areas run through our research and teaching and are showcased in our ongoing research projects and events.

The School’s reputation for medical humanities means that we have a vibrant post graduate community at both Masters and PhD levels who are core to the success of the group.

We welcome applications from prospective students with interests in any aspects of medical and health humanities. To find out more, visit the staff profiles of our members and our postgraduate research pages.

Research projects

There are several significant funded research projects taking place under the auspices of medical humanities in the school.

We have a strong record of collaborative study with partners both nationally and internationally, and our research has been funded by the Wellcome Trust, Arts and Humanities Research Council, British Academy, Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering.

We support the development of such applications through the regular exchange of ideas, events to support the postgraduate community and opportunities for networking in the School, across the institution and with external colleagues.

The group maintains a mailing list so that news and opportunities can be shared. You can also follow us on Twitter at @LeedsMedHum.

Selected Projects

Imagining Posthuman Care (IPC, 2021-2)

Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures (itDf, 2020-25)

LivingBodiesObjects (LBO, 2022-25)

Stigma & Shame?: Challenging Menstrual Taboo Through Time.


We have regular events over the course of the academic year.

We seek to balance networking with scholars in other institutions, showcasing medical humanities work happening at Leeds and giving postgraduate researchers (PGRs) a lively research environment with the opportunity to contribute their work, find collaborators and get feedback on their academic practice.

Our events are hybrid, where possible, in order to be as inclusive as possible to the needs of our Group members.

We host ad hoc events, as well as:

  • A welcome event early in the academic year focused on the state of the medical humanities field and followed by an opportunity for socialising, primarily involving staff and PGRs
  • PGR professionalisation and grant-writing events
  • A spring showcase where PGRs can show their work.


Dr Clare Barker

Dr Kimberly Campanello

Professor Amelia DeFalco Dr Rachael Gillibrand
Dr Anna McFarlane Professor Stuart Murray
Dr Caitlin Stobie Dr Emma Trott


For further information about the Medical Humanities Research Group, to join our mailing list, or to suggest your own ideas, please email Dr Anna McFarlane.