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School celebrates success at REF 2021

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Double page spread of a medieval book
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Harold Pinter: Histories and Legacies

Access an extensive database of the history of Pinter’s work in the UK.

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A view of Harold Pinter's writing desk. There are many books stacked around the walls.
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Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture

Leeds to lead new survey of English dialects.

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Land Lines: British Nature Writing

Researching British nature writing from the late 18th century to the present day.

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blossom, Debs Barber
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Our research

Our staff and research students form a diverse and welcoming community united by a passion for knowledge and innovation. We blend research and practice, and explore an enormous range of areas including many interdisciplinary endeavours.

The breadth of our expertise, combined with our external partnerships and collaborations, means that the work we do has a real impact both in the UK and worldwide.

Research groups

The American Studies Research Group examines American literature and culture from the seventeenth century to the present day.

More on American Studies

The Critical Life Research Group examines postcolonial literature, life writing, animism, psychoanalysis, and memory studies.

More on Critical Life

The Environmental Humanities Research Group examines the relationships between human creativity, social life, and the nonhuman world.

More on Environmental Humanities

The Medical Humanities Research Group examines the experiences, practices, representations and histories of medicine, health, and wellbeing.

More on Medical Humanities

The Postcolonial Research Group covers a wide range of topics relating to the globalised present as well as the colonial past.

More on Postcolonial

The Textual Histories Research Group examines textual studies, textual editing, and the history of the book.

More on Textual Histories

Research centres

The Centre for the Comparative History of Print explores print across cultures and time periods and brings together researchers from a range of specialisms including English, History, Philosophy and History of Art.

More on Centre for the Comparative History of Print

An interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures and Faculty of Medicine and Health. The Centre aims to drive forward the rapidly developing subject area of Medical Humanities and acts as a point of focus both for academic research and knowledge transfer/impact activities.

More on Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities

Our Poetry Centre draws on the University's strength and heritage in creative writing, driving teaching and research in poetry. We are also committed to sharing talent and expertise in poetry through a programme of public readings, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.

More on University of Leeds Poetry Centre

Wider research activity

Researchers from our School also engage in collaborative research with other subject areas and participate in interdisciplinary research initiatives such as: