Research and innovation

Research and innovation

With research that is imaginative, intensive, and impactful, our School is the ideal environment for curious minds.

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Our research

Our staff and research students form a diverse and welcoming community united by a passion for knowledge and innovation. We blend research and practice, and explore an enormous range of areas including many interdisciplinary endeavours.

The breadth of our expertise, combined with our external partnerships and collaborations, means that the work we do has a real impact both in the UK and worldwide.

Research groups

American studies research group

The American Studies Research Group examines American literature and culture from the seventeenth century to the present day,

Critical life research group

The Critical Life Research Group examines postcolonial literature, life writing, animism, psychoanalysis, and memory studies.

Environmental humanities research group

The Environmental Humanities Research Group examines the relationships between human creativity, social life, and the nonhuman world.

Medical humanities research group

The Medical Humanities Research Group examines the experiences, practices, representations and histories of medicine, health, and wellbeing.

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The Postcolonial Research Group covers a wide range of topics relating to the globalised present as well as the colonial past.

Textual histories research group

The Textual Histories Research Group examines textual studies, textual editing, and the history of the book.


Other research activity

Researchers from our School also engage in collaborative research with other subject areas and participate in interdisciplinary research initiatives such as: