Language, Discourse and Society


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What we do

We address a diverse range of research questions, such as:

  • How has English been constructed as a ‘global language’ and what effects has it had on local societies?
  • How is English language involved in the maintenance of race-class inequalities?
  • How do dialects change, what persists and why? What kinds of classroom talk are best for children’s learning?
  • How is transnational human trafficking portrayed in contemporary fiction and news media, and how do these representations shape public knowledge of this crime?
  • How did historical correspondence facilitate the negotiation and maintenance of royal hegemonic power in the sixteenth century?
  • What was the role of medical experts and defence barristers in 19th century trials involving an insanity defence?
  • What is the theoretical and empirical value of ‘the idiolect’ (an individual’s language) for language and linguistic research?

We welcome applications from prospective students with interests in any aspect of English language study.

Aims and objectives

The group employs a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to investigate the role of the English language in social processes and institutions, history, literary and cultural heritage, and technological innovation.

Who we are

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