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As a research student in our School, you'll join a diverse and welcoming community that participates fully in the intellectual and social life of the University.

You'll have access to extensive training and development opportunities, allowing you to develop your skills and enhance your employability.

You'll also benefit from initiatives designed to connect you with research staff and students from across the University. This is a great way to meet new people, share ideas, and gain new perspectives on your research.

Faculty Graduate School

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures has its own Graduate School. It offers a wide range of services, including work spaces and interdisciplinary research, networking and support groups.

Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute

The Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute supports research that falls within a broad definition of the arts and humanities. It hosts talks, lectures, and research events, as well as helping to coordinate the many interdisciplinary research groups within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures.

Leeds Doctoral College

Leeds Doctoral College brings together research students from across the University. It helps to coordinate the services offered by the other areas mentioned here, as well as running events like Research Nights and the Leeds Doctoral College Showcase.

Leeds University Union

Leeds University Union offers many opportunities to get involved in the University's postgraduate community. You can make your voice heard by working as a School Rep, get specialist support and advice, or meet new people at a postgraduate social event.


Ilse Astrid Ras PhD English Language

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As well as chairing the School of English Postgraduate Seminar for a year, I regularly attended cross-faculty postgraduate seminars. Furthermore, there were many voluntary teaching and mentoring related opportunities that were very popular with postgraduates, such as Rixa and Students as Scholars, both of which I also contributed to.
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