Elizabeth Chung, English BA student at Leeds.

Lilli Chung

Why did you choose to study at the University of Leeds?

I’ve always had a passion for the arts, and I excelled at English Literature and Performance at school, so it made sense to me to find a course in this area.

Leeds has a great reputation, both in terms of teaching and student experience, so I felt really lucky for them to accept me through clearing. 

What opportunities have you taken advantage of so far?

I was a member of Opera Society in first and second year (being part of two shows each academic year), Pantomime Society in second year, and I’m now a member of English Society and Music Theatre Society.

I took a study abroad year in Hong Kong between my second year and final year. I’ve been on and off-stage for various shows throughout university, and on two university society committees. I also have a part-time job at a call centre in town. 

How do you think your experience of studying at Leeds will help you in your career?

Leeds has a great reputation both nationally and internationally, which makes me confident when looking for further study and career options. I know I’ve gained and developed many skills, so I have a wide range of fields I can consider. 

What skills have you gained so far?

Relationship building and networking (including coursemates, house-sharing, societies, and my part-time job), development of writing skills (analysis and evaluative, for example), organisational skills and time management (juggling everything I do takes a lot of work!), to name a few!

Have you worked closely with a particular tutor or member of staff?

I’ve had varying partnerships across the university, but I would say engaging in class and with your tutors is important. I always find talking with a tutor in their office hour is invaluable as they can really help guide your ideas.

Also, engaging with a lecturer who works in a field you’re interested in is great; Professor John McLeod has been incredibly supportive in assisting the development of my ideas for future study. 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering English Literature and Theatre Studies?

Think about what you want to be doing in your degree – the course has fewer practical elements than I expected, and I’ve made up for that by joining various performance societies.

Also, maybe think about how you want to specialise (if it’s too early for that, don’t worry!) but see if we have specialisms to help guide you.

For me, I found at the end of first year that I loved the idea of Postcolonial Literature, and Leeds' School of English is great for that. 

What do you think of the facilities?

A great range of facilities of all kinds. The School of English has a specific study space in our main building, which is open during the school’s opening hours.

Workshop Theatre

Studio 1 in the Workshop Theatre – specialist performance facilities and home to English Literature and Theatre Studies.

The University, in general, has great resources regarding libraries, 24-hour study zones, texts in the libraries and online, as well as educational and pastoral support. Specifically, they have great literary resources and in-school talks/presentations throughout the year. 

And what do you think of Leeds as a city?

It’s great fun and there’s something for everyone, especially party people! I have found, since my partying in first year, that so much more is available, too.

So many art galleries, museums, both public and underground, and so much heritage is in and around Leeds.

It’s also super cheap and usually accessible. There are so many theatres and independent art centres in and around the city; it also has great travel routes across the country, which is a huge plus!