Representation of transnational human trafficking in present-day news media, true crime, and fiction



Partners and collaborators

Special Policing Consultant Bernie Gravett

Postgraduate students

Christiana Gregoriou's then-PhD student Ilse Ras was a project research assistant


We examined representations of transnational human trafficking in media ranging from British and Serbian newspapers, British and Scandinavian crime novels, and a documentary series, and questioned the extent to which these portrayals reflect the realities of trafficking. We tackled the problematic tendency to under-report particular types of victim and forms of trafficking, and seeked to explore both dominant and marginalised points of view. We took a cross-disciplinary approach, utilising analytical tools from across the humanities and social sciences, including linguistics, literary and media studies, and cultural criminology. 


A policy brief detailing an event we ran and findings and recommendations that arose out of it can be found here:

Publications and outputs

The book we co-wrote is available via open access here:

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