Intercultural Communication in Interaction: multimodal approaches




Funded by the World Universities Network

The project aims to analyze intercultural communication in interaction from a micro-analytical and multimodal perspective in order to single out how the interactants co-construct alterity, cultural key concepts, dimensions, language attitudes and identities on verbal, prosodic, and corporal-visual planes.

Concurrently, we also will concentrate on the emergence of intercultural spaces which arise as a result of the interwoven character of the disparate worldviews the co-participants bring into the interaction, but which are simultaneously poised to engage each other reflexively, resulting in the creation of something new.


As outcomes, we expect (a) publications at this innovative theoretical-methodological interface; (b) the creation of interfaces by linking existing platforms; and (c) the elaboration of concrete proposals for how to work with our data in foreign language classroom in order to encourage (self)reflexive intercultural learning.

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