The Cultural Life of Money and Finance

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Invisible Flock (; University of Leeds Special Collections

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Lisa Trischler


The Cultural Life of Money and Finance aims to explore the ways in which the arts and humanities can engage with debates on the future of money and finance, at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is causing profound change in the global financial system, as innovation in financial practice continues apace, and as citizens, investors, NGOs and policymakers engage with the role of finance in tackling the climate crisis.

Research on finance is developing rapidly, across behavioural economics, social sciences, finance and accounting, artificial intelligence, politics and international relations, and sustainability studies. At the same time, a number of important research projects in the arts and humanities have addressed aspects of finance, including through reflection on history, culture, ethics.

This project brings together diverse arts and humanities approaches to finance, the global financial system, and financial practices and behaviours, in order to build a dialogue with the broader research landscape on finance and with key stakeholders, and to identify emerging research issues and opportunities for collaboration.

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