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From 2002 until 2010 CTS led, or was a partner in three major Leonardo da Vinci vocational training funded projects - eCoLoRe, eCoLoTrain and eCoLoMedia. With a total value of over 1.5m EUR, these projects were dedicated to creating online training resources for continuous vocational training in eContent localisation. We are now excited to be working with Translation Commons, a nonprofit online volunteer community of language professionals, to offer centralised free access to the updated resources developed as part of the eCoLo projects. Further information on Translation Commons

eCoLoRe - eContent localisation is the translation and cultural adaptation for local markets of digital information. To be efficient, this relies heavily on specialised computer tools requiring intensive training. The desire of professional bodies and universities to provide adequate training is currently frustrated by a lack of resources. These include sample texts and scenarios for their pedagogic exploitation in realistic, task-oriented settings. By providing such materials, eCoLoRe has succeeded in remedying the "severe skills shortage" identified in the EC-sponsored SPICE-PREP II report on eContent localisation. Without these skills, the European digital economy will be stunted and access to wider world markets will be limited.

eCoLoTrain aims to improve the translation trainers' and teachers' ICT skills in general and eContent localisation skills in particular. In doing so, it relies on the raw materials developed during the eCoLoRe project, specially created for scenarios involving the use of state-of-the-art software for eContent localisation. From a practical point of view, eCoLoTrain provides a set of original materials ranging from a dedicated curriculum for continuous vocational training in eContent localisation - including courses such as Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) and Project Management (PM) - via methodological and didactic guidelines, to concrete course materials. All the materials have been tested in various workshops involving translation teachers and trainers.

eCoLoMedia - The new forms of multimodal communication emerging in this age of globalisation have an increasing impact on the translation industry. Language service providers are looking to recruit professionals who have not only linguistic expertise and the technical know-how for working with dedicated software, but who can also easily adapt their knowledge to respond to a variety of translation scenarios. These include localising websites and Flash animations, localising games, and adapting DVD content for audiences with other languages and for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. eCoLoMedia prepares professional translators and translation students to respond effectively to this demand by providing training materials, delivered in the form of translation kits, which cover a variety of multimedia source files including videos, games and websites incorporating Flash animations. The translation kits includes translations of the sources in a variety of formats - subtitling, voice-over and dubbing files as well as website and game localised versions - together with pedagogical and methodological guidelines to help users adapt these resources to their own learning and/or teaching scenarios. All material is freely available from the project website.

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