Theatricality and Interrelations between Art, Film and Theatre


The academic study of Art, Film and Theatre - has barely emerged, even as these domains have interacted in many ways over the past 120 years. In the realm of practice, more recently there has been an increased blurring of the boundaries between these arts, as artists pursue filmmaking careers, films are exhibited in gallery spaces, and theatre productions are screened in cinema theatres. In short, while the arts themselves have converged, academic research in these domains remains stubbornly discipline-specific: Art historians rarely discuss their research with Film scholars, while, in turn, neither of these sets of scholars tends to interact to any great degree with academics in Theatre Studies. The proposed network thus aims to explore and determine the extent of the academic divisions between these disciplines.

Furthermore, the network also aims to promote a discussion on policy debates relating to the funding of arts research, arts practice, and research paradigms in the arts more generally. The aim of this aspect of the project is to determine the extent to which there is cross-funding between different fields - that is, to determine the extent to which funding can be sought for projects that cross the disciplinary boundaries between Art, Film and Theatre.

Finally, the project also aims to alert the wider public to such issues. By holding two public seminar / roundtable discussion, and by publishing edited videos of these events online, it is expected that some public visibility will be given to these issues; that is, the aims and impact of the project extends well beyond the boundaries of academia.

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