Past events

The Language of Craftsmanship: the Case of Florentine Artisans

This talk is about a project on the arts and craft lexicon led by Lorenza in cooperation with OmA (Osservatorio mestieri d’arte). The aim of the project is to enhance the SMEs communication strategy, helping them to share their vision of the arts and crafts and their cultural value to a wider public. The research focuses on the cluster of concepts related to the arts and crafts: handmade, bricolage, homemade, DIY, art, design – just to name a few. As part of the project, Lorenza has prepared a questionnaire on arts and crafts, which will be distributed to the audience

Lorenza Tromboni is Marie-Curie Fellow at the University of Strasbourg, where she is working on a project on the evolution of political thought in Medieval Europe. She studied philosophy at the University of Florence, where she took a PhD in Medieval literature in 2006. Her research interests concern Medieval and Early-modern philosophy. Recently, she started working on the importance of cultural heritage for the enhancement and promotion of “Made in Italy” products, especially craftsmanship.

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