Portrait of Otto Lyons

Otto Lyons

What made you want to study your course at the University?

At school my favourite teacher taught me my favourite subject; Theology and Philosophy. From the first lesson I was gripped. The course I found at Leeds seemed to offer a combination of things that I had both studied and wanted to understand further, as well as a range of interesting topics I had never considered. The course also offered the right amount of freedom to choose the aspects of my subjects that I enjoyed the most. 

Describe the aspects of the course that you have enjoyed the most. 

Firstly, I enjoyed the flexibility and range of topics on offer. During my course, my range included logic, Darwinism, neuroscience and shell-shock; all of which I knew next to nothing about before starting. I was also impressed by the range of modules offered as extras outside the remit of my course. 

The second thing has got to be simply living in Hyde Park. It’s an area filled almost exclusively with students. The place had a real buzz and character about it, and everyone’s friends live right round the corner. 

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

I’m moving up to Edinburgh to start a graduate job in technology with The Royal Bank of Scotland.