Research Seminar Series

The School has an active Philosophy Seminar Series, see the links below for further details including abstracts and location. Unless otherwise stated (*), all seminars will take place in person on Thursdays in the Botany House seminar room (Room 1.03) from 11.30am till 1pm.
Should you be unable to attend in person, you can still tune in by Zoom. Coffee and cake will be provided for all attending in person (apologies to people attending via Zoom). 

Semester 1
13th October  José Eduardo Porcher, Ritual cognition in Afro-Brazilian religion 
27th October Bill Fulford, Simon’s story: the differential diagnosis of delusion as a case study in philosophy, values-based practice and mental health    
10th November Joanna Leidenhag, Autistic joy and the resurrection 
24th November Gregory Stacey, Your application is being processed: A new model of purgatory 
8th December Tasia Scrutton, Candomblé mediumship, suffering, and religious conversion and commitment 


Semester 2
1st February 2023* Jen Frey (an online-only, joint event with CAMP). *3pm – 5pm,
9th February  Patrice Haynes, Title TBC 
23rd February  Joshua Cockayne, Title TBC 
9th March Mikel Burley, ‘Not so much thought out as danced out’: Diversifying philosophy of religion in the light of Afro-Brazilian Candomblé 
23rd March Simon Hewitt, Title TBC 
4th May Mohammed Saleh Zarepour, Title TBC