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Philosophy explores fundamental questions about the world, and our relation to it and each other in thought, feeling, and action.

Philosophy Botany house.

Our research

Philosophy at Leeds explores fundamental questions about the world, and our relation to it and to each other. Our research spans metaphysics, epistemology, moral and political philosophy, and the philosophies of logic and language, mind and action, science, and religion.

With around 25 permanent staff, as well as postdoctoral researchers and research students, our culture is active and collaborative. We undertake world-leading research in our specialist areas, and use our breadth of expertise to draw connections between different fields.

We share and improve our ideas in regular seminars and other research events, many of which are organised by our principal research clusters. By supporting each other we instil and sustain world-leading standards of research.

Research groups

The Centre supports research in metaethics, normative ethics, aesthetics, and social and political philosophy, and fosters connections to other areas in philosophy.

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The Centre is at the forefront of current research in the philosophy of science and many aspects of the history of science, technology and medicine, from the 17th century onwards.

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The Centre for Metaphysics and Mind (CMM) supports excellence in research in theoretical philosophy.

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The Centre explores and promotes research in philosophy of religion across a broad range of approaches and religious traditions.

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Our research centres around eight broad themes, which each represent a variety of different interests.

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