Study abroad

Study abroad allows you to experience education outside of the UK, interact with students from other universities and gain the experience and confidence of living overseas.

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There are three study abroad options for you to choose from.

Year abroad

Once you've been successfully selected to study abroad, your course will be changed to a four-year international variant of your degree. You'll study abroad in your third year and return to Leeds to complete your final year.

You'll return to Leeds with an even greater understanding of your chosen major subject, along with other disciplines, in keeping with the disciplinary diversity of the Liberal Arts course. 

The University and the Schools within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures have partnerships with a large number of higher education institutions around the world. Many of the University's partner institutions teach in English, but you can also study in the native language.

Horizon year abroad

The Horizon study abroad year focuses on developing linguistic and intercultural competencies. It’s still academically rigorous, but you’re not limited to taking modules in your degree subject.

The academic content of a Horizon study abroad year focuses on language learning and intercultural understanding. You’ll be required to complete Intercultural Communication and Global Citizenship (on a distance-learning basis), which is a compulsory 20-credit Leeds module.