Quanticode and the Ethics of Data Analytics

Partners and collaborators

Supported by the MRC (ES/L011891/1) and the ESRC (ES/L011891/1).


The QuantiCode project aims to develop novel data mining and visualization tools and techniques, which will transform people’s ability to analyse quantitative and coded longitudinal data. Such data are common in many sectors.

For example, health data is classified using a hierarchy of hundreds of thousands of Read Codes (a thesaurus of clinical terms), with analysts needing to provide business intelligence for clinical commissioning decisions, and researchers tacking challenges such modelling disease risk stratification.

Retailers such as Sainsbury’s sell 50,000+ types of products, and want to combine data from purchasing, demographic and other sources to understand behavioural phenomena such as the convenience culture, to guide investment and reduce waste.


For any enquiries, please contact: Prof. Roy Ruddle (PI), r.a.ruddle@leeds.ac.uk

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