The Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg)

 "It was a great opportunity to think in more detail about some issues which are of course relevant in what we do but not bread-and-butter. It was good to think more broadly about professional ethics rather than simply about our profession or just about conflicts of interest." - Course participant

Banking Standards Board (BSB)

“[The Professionalism in Banking] report makes clear what needs to be done to strengthen professionalism in the sector. It will take collaboration and determination from all sides to tackle these challenges but the new accountability regimes present a unique opportunity for the industry and professional bodies to raise the bar on behaviour and improve outcomes for customers. We urge them to seize it.” - Dame Colette Bowe, Chairman of the Banking Standards Board

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

 "The course surpassed my expectations by far. Its structure made it easy to follow the material and I leave with a much better understanding of how an actuary should behave in a professional environment. Thanks!" - Course participant

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

“The IET employed the services of the IDEA Centre to assist with the development of thought-provoking case studies for our members. All members, on joining the IET, sign a declaration that they will abide by the rules of conduct and we consider professionalism to be a key reason for joining and staying in IET membership. We wanted to provide a support service for our members, who may face ethical dilemmas in an engineering context, and so developed a series of resources with the central aim of helping members to relate the rules of conduct to their everyday lives as practising engineers. The experts at the Centre helped with summarising the learning points from each case study and relating them back to the specific rules of conduct which require that particular element of professional behaviour. We are absolutely delighted with the case studies and judging by the web stats our members also greatly appreciate the resource.” - Anne Fitzsimons, Membership Manager, the IET

We are absolutely delighted with the case studies and judging by the web stats our members also greatly appreciate the resource.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) - Anne Fitzsimons, Membership Manager

Royal Academy of Engineering

"The IDEA CETL team has produced an extremely useful set of case studies which illustrate the pertinence to engineering of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Engineering Council's Statement of Ethical Principles.  These cases show that the principles can help in guiding the choices and decisions of practicing engineers, and are useful exercises for the engineer to work through to test their ethical reasoning and their application of the principles. Professional engineers at all stages of their career have found them thought-provoking and important, especially in the education and training of young engineers." - Natasha McCarthy, Head of Policy, the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

"IDEA have worked with us to present ethics in an interesting, personal and dynamic way to our members. They have helped us bring ethics to life." - David Thomson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, CII

Higher Education Funding Council for England

"As Head of Internal Audit at HEFCE, I am acutely conscious that our ethical culture makes a significant contribution to both our reputation and the quality of our internal control environment. The existence of a positive ethical culture is also implicitly expected of us by our many stakeholders. Commissioning the Leeds IDEA team to assess this culture has proved invaluable. A professional, open, trusting, co-operative and flexible relationship was readily established between us, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes. The work of the Leeds team was thorough. In particular, it made the significant connection between our role, both strategically and operationally, and theoretical ethical principles. The Board and Audit Committee have both been interested to see the results. The final report, which leave the Council with much to think about, has been well received by the Council overall." - Ian Gross, Head of Internal Audit, HEFCE.

National Nuclear Laboratory 

"Through collaboration with IDEA we have produced a practical tool to assure our activities against the Royal Academy of Engineering's statement of ethical principles. This will allow the NNL to make visible its commitment to ethical practice alongside more established mechanisms to illustrate safety and quality excellence." - Richard Taylor, Chief Executive, National Nuclear Laboratory 

Finance and Corporate Services, HEA

"Throughout the project [the IDEA CETL consultant] has been extremely useful both in terms of helping us develop the project and identifying appropriate methodologies, and in interpreting the results in a meaningful and practical manner... The project was brought in on time and to budget along with a clear set of recommendations for moving it forward. We would happily work with them again on future projects." - Heather Jackson, Assistant Director, Finance and Corporate Services, HEA